INCLIVA Foundation declares it's compromise with the establishment and development of policies that include the equality of treatment and opportunities between men and women.

To guarantee the lack of discrimination by genre, the 1st INCLIVA Foundation Equality Plan has been developed in order to improve the working relationships.

Just as the collaboration of all the personnel has been fundamental in the development of the I Plan, their participation will be key for the implementation and execution of said Plan.

We intend for this Plan to reflect the activity of the INCLIVA Foundation in matters of equality, so any feedback and advice will help in its improvement.

It's crucial that everyone takes part. Share with us your needs and suggestions.


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 ILLANA GOZES. Neuroscientific at the Tel Aviv University. "We need a genre medicine

   Nature has published a world level analisys comparing the rate of women in national science academies, that concludes that women are underrepresented.


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016 Phone assistance to domestic abuse victims.

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